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13th MAY

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St. Alexander

Bishop of Tiberias




St. Anno [Hanno, Annon]

Bishop of Verona in Italy










St. Euthymius

Ascetic, Founder of Iviron Monastery, Athos 






St. Fortis Gabrielli




St. Gabriel

Ascetic of Iviron




St. George

Ascetic, of Iviron










St. Glykeria






St. John

Ascetic, of Iviron 











St. Mael (Mahel)

Ascetic on the Isle of Bardsey







St. Natalis

 Bishop of Milan in Italy





St. Nicephorus

Ascetic, Presbyter




St. Onesimus

Bishop of Soissons in France




St. Pausicacus

Ascetic, Bishop of Synnada



St. Sergius

Ascetic, Confessor










St. Servatus (Servais)

Bishop of Tongres in Belgium




St. Theoctistus

Ascetic of Tekoa. Palestine




St. Valerian

Bishop of Auxerre in France


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