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2018                             SEPTEMBER                               2018


                      1    No Fast











The Ecclesiastical New Year / The Forty Virgin Martyrs / Sts. Symeon the Stylite / Meletius The New

2    No Fast 3    No Fast 4    No Fast   5      Fast   6   No Fast 7      Fast  8    No Fast

Sts. Mamas Martyr /

 Eleazar The Righteous/ John IV, The Faster /

 Aethalas Martyr/ Ammon Marty

Sts. Polydorus

N/martyr Cyprus 1794 / Anthimus of Nicomedia /

Theoctistus / Phoebe Deaconess

Prophet Moses/

St. Hermiona / Babylas Bishop of Antioch / Peter

Metropolitan of Serbia

Prophet Zacharias

Father of St. John the Baptist /

St. Abdaios Hieromartyr


Remembrance of

Miracle at Chonae

/Sts. Andronicus

The Soldier /

Cyriacus  Martyr/

Maxim Sandovich

Ap. Onesiphorus + Euodus / Sts. Cassiana Hymnwriter / Sozon Martyr/ Macarius of Obruch, Kanev

The Nativity

of the Most holy Mother of God




No Fast  10   No Fast 11  No Fast 12     Fast 13  No Fast 14    Fast 15 No Fast

Synaxis of  Sts. Joachim + Anna/

Sts. Kieran of Ireland / Joseph

Wonderworker, Volotsk,  Russian

St. Menodora,


Nymphodora /

Pulcheria Queen / Paul The Obedient, of the Kiev Caves

Sts. Euphrosynus The Cook / Evanthia Martyr /

Theodora of Alexandria /

Theodora of Basta

St. Eanswith of Kent/ Autonomus

Patriarch of Constantinople /

Daniel Ascetic of Thaso

Sts. Ketevan


Queen of Georgia/

Aristides Martyr /

Cornelius The


The Universal Exaltation of the

Holy Cross




Sts.  Nicetas The

 Goth Greatmartyr/

Bessarion II

Archbishop of

Larissa/ Philotheus

The Presbyter

16  No Fast 17   No Fast 18 No Fast 19     Fast  20 No Fast 21    Fast 22  No Fast

Sts. Euphemia

G/martyr/ Ludmilla

of Czechia /

Melitina Martyr/

Cyprian Metro-politan of Kiev

Sts. Sophia,

Faith, Hope + Charity/ Auxibius,

Anastasius +

Heraclidius of


Sts. Eumenius

Bishop of Crete /

Sophia + Irene Martyrs /

Euphrosyna of Suzdal

Sts. Dorymedon

Sabbatius +

Trophimus Martyrs/

Gabriel of Kiev  

Theodore of Yaroslavl

Sts.Eustace /

Hypatius of Ephesus / Meletius

of Cyprus/ Michael

+ Theodore of Russia


Prophet Jonah/

Isaacius of Cyprus/

Acacius of Cyprus/

Demetrius of



St. Phocus

Hieromartyr/ The 26 Martyrs of Zographou Mon./

Cosmas of Zographou 1323

2No Fast

2No Fast

25 No Fast

2Oil + Wine

27   No Fast

28     Fast

29  No Fast

The Conception

of St. John, the Baptist / Sts.

Polyxena +



Sts. Silouan The

Athonite / Thecla

Protomartyr /

Vladislav of Serbia

/ Peter the Aleut


Sts. Sergius of Radonezh /


Ascetic / Geoffrey of Wearmouth + Jarrow 

The Assumption

 of St. John The

Theologian /

Gideon The



Sts. Callistratus

MartyrApos. Aristarchus +

Mark of the 70/

Peter Polyansky of Moscow

Sts. Auxentius of

Cyprus / Chariton The Confessor /


Martyr, Prince of Czechia

Sts. Cyriacus The Solitary / Dadas,

Gobdelaas +




30  No Fast            

Sts. Gregory of

Great Armenia /

Ripsima +  Gaiana

Martyrs / Michael of Moscow