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2018                              NOVEMBER                               2018

        1    No Fast     2        FAST 3    No Fast







Sts. Cosmas & Damian, Selfless Physician / David of Euboia / Helen of Sinopi / James Presbyter

Sts. Acindynus,


Aphthonius, Elpidephorus &  Pegasius


Sts. George

Greatmartyr /

Acepsimas / Aethalas /Joseph



  No Fast   5   No Fast       No Fast 7     FAST 8   No Fast 9    FAST 10   No Fast

Sts. Joannicius /

Nicander of Myra

Gerontius & Polychronia, Parents of St. George

Sts. Galaction & Episteme / Aps. Linus First Pope of Rome, Gaius Hermas, Patrobas & Philologus

Sts. Demetrianus of Kythrea, Cyprus /

Paul of Const/ople /

Barlaam of Khutyn / Herman

 of Kazan

Sts. Lazarus

 Gallesiotes /  Thessalonica /  Hieron / Eugene of Melitene


Synaxis of the

Holy Archangels

and Angels




Sts. Nectarius of Aegina / Sopatra /

Porphyrius Theoctista of Lesvo / Symeon


Sts. Arsenius the Cappadocian /  Orestes / Apostles Erastus, Olympas, Quartus & Rodion


11   No Fast 12   No Fast 13  No Fast 14    Fish 15   Fish 16 Oil + Wine

17    Fish

Sts. Victor & Menas Gr/martyrs

Vincent, Deacon /

Theodore the Studite / Stephen

of Decani, Serbia

Sts. John the Merciful / Martin of Tours/ Nilus the Sinaite / Nilus of Athos /  Cadwallader

King of Wales

St. John I, Chrysostom

Patriarch of Constantinople



Apostle Philip / Sts. Gregory Palamas

/ Euphemianus of

Cyprus / Constantine of Hydra

Start of Christmas Fast

Sts. Paisius Velichovsky / Abibus / Gurius / Samonas/ Theodora

The Apostle and Evangelist Matthew

/ St. Iphigenia




Sts. Gregory

of Neocaesarea /

Gennadius of Athos/

Nikon of Radonezh/

Hilda of Whitby


18   Fish

19     Fish

20     Fish

21    Fish

22     Fish   

23     FAST

24    Fish  

Sts. Anastasius

New Martyr of Paramythia 1750 /

 Platon / Romanus



Prophet Obadiah / Sts. Barlaam Joasaph of India

Philaret Ddrozdov

of Moscow / Anthimus

Sts. Edmund of England / Gregory

of Decapolis / Sozomenus of  Cyprus / Proclus of Constantinople

Entry into the Temple  

of The Most holy Mother of God


St. Iakovos Tsalikis/ Apostles

Philemon &

Onesimus /Sts.

Sozomenus of Cyprus / Cecilia

Sts. Amphilochius

of Iconium/ Gregory

of Agrigentum / Meropa/ Alexander

Nevsky of Russia/

Helenus of Tarsus

Sts. Clement Pope

of Rome / Peter

of Alexandria /

Philoumenus /

Mercurius The


25    Fish

26   Fish

27     Fish

28    FAST

29   Fish

30 Oil + Wine  

Sts. Catherine &

Mercurius the





Sts. Stylianus of

Paphlagon /Nikon

 The Preacher of

Repentance /

Alypius the Stylite/

George of Chios

Sts. James the

Persian / Nathanael

/ Diodorus of

Yuriev Monastery



Sts. Irenarchus /

Stephen the New/

Theodore of

Rostov / Socrates 

of Tiverioupolis


Sts. Philoumenus

of Jacob's well,

1979 / Paramonus

/ Philoumenus/

Nicholas of


Apostle Andrew

 The First-called /

St. Frumentius

The Enlightener of Abyssinia